North Dallas Hotel

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Try not to waste any time once you get to North Dallas because there are too many things to see and do. Not only does this town take pride in their fine dining and authentic Southern cuisine, it is also a cultural hub of different museums, such as the Meadows Museum of Fine Art, the African American Museum, and many other automotive and flight museums. Once you finish up there, feel free to head to Snider Plaza, a unique open-air shopping center that offers an impressive selection of cafes and shops. North Dallas has so much to offer so be sure to explore!

InterContinental Dallas

This four star hotel can be conveniently found in the Galleria area and is surrounded by local shops and boutiques. Unlike other hotels in the area that charge around $14 a day for parking, InterContinental Dallas offers it for free. The friendly and helpful staff makes this hotel a favorite among businessmen and women in town for conferences as well as couples celebrating anniversaries or families on vacation. Even though they don’t offer wireless Internet for individual rooms, patrons can always head to communal meeting rooms and lounges to get their fill of WIFI.


This North Dallas Sheraton is conveniently located off the highway in the Galleria area and provides a wealth of amenities, including a free shuttle that takes you to and from the Galleria mall. The cordial service is an asset when deciding how to make the most of your time here. Paying an additional fee for Club Level access grants you free breakfast and lounge with concierge who can show you the best-kept secrets in Dallas. Internet usage comes at an additional cost of $10.95, and facilities may be a little dated, but at the price you are paying, you are getting a good deal.


The North Dallas Marriot is located by the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport and offers free 24/7-shuttle service to and from the airport. Accommodations are clean and staff is friendly, making this a worthy stop for anyone. This hotel mostly services businessmen and women here for conferences and stopping for layovers, but still caters to just about anyone. Though wireless Internet is free in lounges and meeting rooms, they do charge $12.99 for individual room use.